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My superpower is the ability to translate your energy, inspiration and ideas for your product or service brand and create that visual space which clearly communicates your very own superpowers to the world. I’ll assist you to step up, stand out and shine your light!


About Me

I’ve Been Building Websites for over 25 Years

Yes. Over 25 years. Websites sure have come a long way since I first began designing and building. I have loved learning and keeping up with new ways of creating to make things simpler and more productive. I began learning the how to’s of HTML coding, graphic design and print layout while running my own business. I transitioned to assisting others to build business websites. I’ve even taught clients to edit and update their own websites. It’s been a true blessing to do this work, to wake up and love what I do!

Tammy Adkins
Freelance Design & Development

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What i do

Coordinate and communicate with clients to create your brand, plan website development, ecommerce projects and develop marketing plans from concept through completion, utilizing a variety of development tools and technology.

  • Create complex graphics and professional designs for a variety of businesses, organizations, professionals and individuals, including custom graphic and logo design, print layout, video editing and more.
  • Provide web solutions and develop web sites and web applications based on specific business needs for promotions, presentations, customer service and online services.
  • Manage, maintain and update existing web sites for customers and provide customer service.
  • Provide Web Hosting and Domain Name services for clients. Maintenance updates are included with web hosting clients.
  • Assist clients with social media accounts to stylize for brand and consult for social media ads.
  • Instruct clients on how to make edits and changes to their own websites.
  • Teach people how to use Etsy to market and sell their handcrafted items.
  • I can also help with technical difficulties or issues with your computers via a support screenshare.

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my services

Website Design

Translation: The look and feel of your website.
The look and feel of your website communicates your unique brand (superpowers) to an engaged audience. I will translate all that you bring to the table into a visual and communication masterpiece that interacts with your market in a way that leaves them desiring more of what you offer.

Website Design

The layout, the graphics, your brand, the way your content appears and communicates. Together, we’ll create a website that is uniquely yours and a visually appealing design you will remain proud of, as it is an extension of you and what you do.

Branding & Logo

Whether you are just getting started or you are looking to rebrand to update the look and feel to match your growth, I can assist you with creating the logo and branding.

Content Strategy

Communicating your message will require a strategy that implements simplicity and strength. This is your “why”. Why you are creating content, who you are assisting, and how you will assist them in a way no one else can. This is where your magic shines through your message. If you need an assist with content, you have come to the right place. I write content for many of my clients. So, take a load off your mind, relax and let me take care of writing content for you.

Website Development

Translation: How your site functions and reaches out to your target market, so they can reach in for what you are offering.
Development is where the other part of the magic happens and where everything works seamlessly together to communicate, respond and bring it all together.

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Let's Build it

I will consult on which platform and development tools may be utilized to get to the desired outcome for ease of use and intended purpose of your website. You won’t have to learn all the details of the build process or worry about updates and maintenance. This magic is another of my specialties and I’ll handle the technical parts, so you won’t have to.

Maintenance & Updates

I can perform your maintenance and WordPress updates for you. If you are a hosting client, this is included in your yearly hosting fee. If you would like a consult about your website maintenance and updates, I’d be happy to talk with you and share how we can simplify website maintenance and updates.

Domain Names

Translation: Your business name or topic with a .com, .net, .org, etc.
The domain name you choose should be short, sweet and easy to remember. It is the name typed which takes users directly to your fabulous website. Contact me for suggestions and to register your domain name.



Translation: The space on a server which your website files will reside. This includes your content, graphics and images, your builder platform and all the functionality that help your website work for you.
Contact me to get hosting setup or to consult about what hosting plan is best for you.

My Process


The beginning of any great communication is defining specific goals. Let’s communicate and define the intended path ahead to get a proposal that works.


Your layout, your brand, your unique signature is communicated through great design and visuals so your message is properly interpreted.


Even perfect design will entail refinement. This entails removing or changing up any elements that are not truly necessary, simplifying and polishing.


Now that the design elements are in place, we begin the build process and meet deadlines for your launch date. Then we Test, proof and possibly, refine some more.


We’ll launch your website by making it live for your visitors, and for marketing and advertising.  Get ready for new business and selling your product online.

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My Work Examples

Recent Design & Development Projects

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Other Design Work I Do

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Graphic Design | Print Layout

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Business Card Design & Print Services

What My Clients Say

It has been a pleasure working with Tammy. Her patience and careful listening has resulted in my website being more than I had imagined. If it hadn’t been for Tammy, with her gentle prodding, her focused questions and her understanding of what I needed, my website would still be just a thought. She helped me clear my foggy thoughts and took my ramblings and made a tool that I can really use to market and grow my business.

I am very appreciative to her and will have another project for her to help me with soon.”

Susan Sertain, Clothing Designer

I’ve known and worked with Tammy for the last 12+ years both personally and professionally. She brings excellent insight and creativity to the table and is very driven to exceed client expectations. Work is always completed timely, on budget and with frequent communication.

Couldn’t ask for a better designer!”

Andrea Stanojevic, Realtor

Tammy has been my web designer and adviser for years. She has a way of making me feel very comfortable with new experiences. She contacts me promptly when she feels updates are needed to ensure an easy client experience and to give me the advantage of an audience that works for me.

I am truly grateful and highly recommend her. “

Mary Marin, Massage Therapist

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