You Have A Vision… Now What?

Marketing Vision and PurposeIf you are new to marketing your vision and purpose, you know it can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming task to begin. Finding the most successfully proven ways to market yourself without having to invest so much time online, in front of your computer is key. There are many out there who are sharing what they have found successful for their business. But, this is not a one size fits all world.  You have to find out what works for your vision, purpose… and budget.

Many people tend to forgo this task as it requires you to actually spend some time figuring out a useful marketing strategy.  I have seen and heard this scenario many times- We just want to be seen, we don’t want to have to do the work or actually have to “say” something about our unique vision and purpose. We just expect that it will all show up in perfect timing.  (Please, do yourself and your business a huge service and get rid of that belief) Good things will show up, but first, you have to take some steps.


Show Up Marketing1st You Need To Show Up

You have to show up in all your beautiful and yes, physical glory.  You have to take some steps to get your vision and purpose in front of interested people.  If you never say anything, how will anyone know what you have to offer in service and where you want to go?  You need other people to help get you there. (Think of it as a beautiful unity and community you become part of.)

You need your voice to share your vision. You need to take some steps to fulfill your purpose. You are in a physical body to make use of it. Now get back down here, ground yourself and let’s collaborate on your vision.


Marketing CourageLet’s find some things to start with

Let’s find some things that are comfortable for you and some things that aren’t so comfortable, so you will find your courage to grow in marketing. I’m not going to ask you to speak on an unfamiliar topic in front of a crowd of 1,000’s. I’m asking you to take some small steps to put yourself out there, in the world and share your beautiful vision and work you do. The work that makes your heart happy to think about and give. I’m asking you to share your joy with others.

Now that we have stepped into your joyful vision, let’s look at some tried and true ways of marketing so you can begin to take some steps to share what you see and feel in the work you do.  I’ll be sharing some wonderful articles that will help you on your way to fulfilling your vision and purpose.  Big, deep, relaxing breaths…. let’s look at some steps that will work for you.

Marketing Yourself Without A Big Budget?

A great article by Deborah Shane, from Small Biz Trends that shares free and low cost ways to market yourself…

The best marketing toolbox is always a combination of the tried and true and new best practices including:

  • A clearly defined brand that makes you visually stand out, tells people what you do and what you stand for.
  • Branded business materials that deliver your promise.
  • An engaging website, blog, or branded LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter page that showcases your mission, vision, value, products, services and spirit.
  • An integrated marketing and social media formula that you use to educate, engage, interact and serve.

25 Free and Low Cost Ways to Market Yourself

More Steps to Consider

Here are some other ideas to consider as you plan your marketing strategy. Take notes on what you will work on first and how you will feel comfortable implementing them, then add a few more ideas that can help you open up and really expand your business.

21 Ways To Market Your Business Online On A Shoestring Budget