Tara Dawn Life and Business Coach Website Design

Tara Dawn, certified Life and Business Coach, was beginning her next successful business and needed a simple design and layout to share her coaching services and experience, to begin building her business. Her objective with the website is to communicate the types of coaching she specializes in and to offer introductory sessions, which would give prospective clients a feel for working with Tara, to help them move forward with their goals and aspirations.

Tara also wanted a place to write about the challenges we all face and talk about ways we can make known and utilize our tools and resources to find solutions that work. We set up an Inspiration blog page for her to begin communicating new ideas and to offer her experience in business and life situations. I look forward to reading and learning some new tips from Tara.

We created a newsletter subscription sign up to get new subscribers and integrated a newsletter creation and sending service in the backend of the website, to keep things simple for her busy life. We imported her current subscriber list and she now has an automated, no hassle newsletter subscription service.

We set up the website to easily contact Tara, by placing her contact information and a simple contact form, on each page to make each contact simple and painless. Links to her social media pages also give options to follow Tara and make additional ways to do business simple.

I truly enjoyed working with Tara and co creating her next successful business experience with this website design and development project.