Free Setup of Hosting

Whether you want robust CMS hosting such as WordPress or other content management system or static HTML pages, we will set up your website hosting so you can begin adding your content.  We can design and develop your website also. Just ask us for a quote and we’ll get it ready for you.


Rich with Features

Do you need a website with a fully integrated shopping cart, a newsletter management system that is built in and captures your visitors email, event management or SEO capabilities? We can get your website ready with many features you are needing. Just send a message and let us know what you need. We can also consult with you to advise and set up the easiest way for you to manage many of the tasks for your website.


30 Day Refund Policy

Get peace of mind with our “No Questions Asked” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your hosting services, we will refund you immediately.


Hosting Package Includes:

Unlimited Space: We provide you with unlimited space for your website files. No extra charges will be incurred when you host with us. There is plenty of room for your website to grow.

Unmetered Transfer: No extra charges incurred for transfers. All is included.

Unlimited Websites: Have more than one website you manage? Let us transfer all your sites into one hosting package and save you some costs. You can add on as many websites as you need. If you want to build a network of websites, there is no extra cost to get another hosting account. All your websites are included in our hosting package.

Quality You Can Trust: We provide speed, reliability and quality to ensure the utmost professional quality by utilizing the latest technology in both hardware and software.

We can manage the cPanel for you and set up or install the perfect environment to power your website, or you can choose to manage all the backend aspects of your website.  Just let us know what you need.  We have website stats, SEO tools, CMS software, auto backups, extra security layers and much more included in our website hosting package.

**Hosting applies to website files only. No storage of other files permitted. 1GB vRam, 1GB pMEM, 1.5 CPU Core(s), 40 Concurrent Connection(s), 125 Processe(s), 1024 KB/s I/O limit. We reserve the right to monitor files placed on our hosting server to determine that it is being utilized for your active website files only.

Personalized Hosting Support

We also provide personalized hosting support for the management of your website and will be there for you.  If there are issues with our software, we do our best to resolve them for you. If the issue cannot be solved via email communication, we will schedule a time to call you. We can even connect with your computer and help walk you through them. We appreciate our clients and will do what we can to help make your website hosting experience with us a pleasure.


$10.95 Monthly or $109.95 Yearly (save $21.45 per year) Includes transfer of website to our hosting server, installation and setup of service, CMS installation and FTP setup.

*Add-ons of private IP address available. Just ask.

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